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Opinion: Rethinking Resiliency

The social sector is facing a major challenge: a lack of a recurring revenue base. Many nonprofit organizations struggle to generate sustainable income, making it difficult to address pressing societal issues. This is due to a combination of restrictive norms, demoralizing messages, limiting beliefs, and unfair regulations that impede the work of social change leaders.

To address this issue, we must adopt an abundance mindset and collaborate to pioneer new ways of generating sustainable revenue for causes. We must also surface and root out the embedded beliefs and capabilities of the traditional nonprofit sector that often slow down mission impact.

It’s time for a revolution in the social sector. We can no longer rely on traditional fundraising methods and old-school approaches. The urgency of racial and social justice calls for renewed mission focus and a change in the way we operate. As nonprofit leaders, we must be determined, positioned, equipped and committed to executing profitable business models, building empowered communities, and showing results that drive change and innovation.

We must also limit internal ego and facilitate the quick and efficient removal of internal and external blockers. This requires enterprise situational awareness grounded in reality, and an understanding of our unique capabilities and spheres of influence. It’s time to focus on what matters and make real, lasting change for the benefit of all.

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