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Why One Person Cannot Do it All: Understanding 29 Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Fundraising Development

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on the success of their fundraising development department to ensure that they can continue to make a positive impact in their communities. However, many Development Coordinators and Assistants find themselves overwhelmed and stretched thin trying to manage all aspects of fundraising and development on their own. This article will break down the various job titles and responsibilities within a nonprofit fundraising development department, highlighting the importance of outsourcing and specialization in order to achieve success.

  1. Graphic Designer: Accountable for designing visual elements for marketing materials, social media, and website.
  2. Marketing Copywriter: Accountable for writing and editing marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and website content.
  3. Event Planner and Manager: Accountable for planning and organizing fundraising events and managing all aspects of event execution.
  4. Development Operations Playbook Manager: Accountable for creating and maintaining a comprehensive guide of best practices and procedures for development operations.
  5. Appointment/Meeting Scheduler: Accountable for scheduling appointments and meetings for the development team.
  6. Data Entry Coordinator: Accountable for maintaining and updating donor information in the database.
  7. Donor Database Manager: Accountable for managing, maintaining, and analyzing the organization’s donor database.
  8. Gift Processing Lead: Accountable for managing the processing and acknowledgement of donations and gifts.
  9. Prospect Researcher: Accountable for researching and identifying potential donors for the organization.
  10. Pipeline and Opportunity Manager: Accountable for managing the pipeline of potential donors and fundraising opportunities.
  11. Grant Writer and Foundation Giving Manager: Accountable for researching, writing, and submitting grant proposals, as well as managing relationships with foundations.
  12. Mailing List Coordinator: Accountable for compiling mailing lists, maintaining the master mailing list, and updating information as needed.
  13. Gratitude Specialist: Accountable for all thank-you correspondence, including letters and phone calls to donors.
  14. Donor Stewardship and Retention Lead: Accountable for maintaining relationships with current donors and ensuring they continue to support the organization.
  15. Donor Acquisition Lead: Accountable for identifying and acquiring new donors for the organization.
  16. Community Engagement Coordinator: Accountable for participating in community activities to enhance community awareness of the nonprofit.
  17. Donor Analytics and Reporting Lead: Accountable for analyzing donor data and creating reports to inform fundraising strategies.
  18. Major Gift Officer: Accountable for securing and expanding financial support from major donors.
  19. Communications Calendar Manager: Accountable for managing the organization’s communications calendar.
  20. Individual Giving Manager: Accountable for managing the individual giving program.
  21. Small Business and Corporate Giving Manager: Accountable for managing the small business and corporate giving program.
  22. Project Manager: Accountable for planning, executing, and allocating resources for projects.
  23. Sponsorships Solicitor: Accountable for securing sponsorships for the organization.
  24. Volunteer Coordinator: Accountable for coordinating and managing volunteers.
  25. Inbound Donor Care Representative: Accountable for responding to incoming donor inquiries and providing excellent customer service.
  26. Key Relationships Manager: Accountable for building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders to secure and expand financial support and theory of change advancement opportunities.
  27. Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving Manager: Accountable for engaging employees in the organization’s mission and promoting workplace giving programs and initiatives.
  28. Board Liaison: Accountable for working closely with the organization’s board of directors to ensure effective communication, coordination, and support.
  29. Planned Giving Manager: Accountable for managing planned giving programs, including bequests, charitable trusts, and other planned gifts, to secure long-term support for the organization.

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